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  • fight4future:

    Hey there,

    Exciting news! The Internet Slowdown net neutrality protest planned for September 10th is really taking off. This morning, a dozen of the world’s largest websites announced that they’re joining in a big way. Sites you know and love like Etsy, Kickstarter, Wordpress, Vimeo,…

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  • "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second."
    Johnny Depp
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  • Doctor: "Its at times like this I miss Amy."
    Me: Me too, Doctor. Me too. *sobs uncontrollably*

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  • Strax: “The Times! Shall I take it up?”
    Clara: “Sure, why not!”
    Strax: “YAAAHHH!”

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  • Tumblr Update #1

    Hey guys, I’m back. (Not like anyone missed me) I have been posted things in a while, not because I’m done with Tumblr. I just simply lost a little creativity. I’m gonna try a post stuff, so bear with me. I also want to do Q&As and things like that. Until next time. Catch you guys later (I am bad at doing these) 

  • River ♥’s 11

    This is why River one of my favorite companions of all time/

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